Jasmine Rose Simmons Wedding photography Brisbane my style Jasmine Rose Simmons Wedding photography Brisbane my style
that red lip classic thing that you like

my style

Elegance never fades


Some things never go out of style, like that classic white T-shirt? 

It’s the same with your photos. While your memories of special milestones may become hazy with the passing of time, your photos will serve as ticket to what you felt and experienced in these precious moments. It’s so important to me that you can love your images no matter what editing trend is currently saturating social media. With my stylish yet timeless colour grading, skin tones and greenery will look natural and vibrant. My skin retouching techniques preserve the natural texture of the skin - so you will look like you. I want my art to enhance your memories, not drown them out.

As the years inevitably roll by, your photos will only increase in value, becoming heirlooms for you and your family to cherish.

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