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you've got to start somewhere

my heart

life imitates art

made to make

There are some things you’ve been preparing for your whole life  whether you realise it or not. I’ve always loved taking photos; on mobile phones, point and shoot cameras, or just in my mind (yes I actually did this — frequently).

As a creative teen who had been passionate about drawing for years, my enrolment in high school visual arts was a given. In 11th grade I rented a DSLR from the school library to take photos for a body of work.

I don’t think I ever picked up the drawing pencils again.

do something that scares you every day


I must say I’ve always known (at least subconsciously) that this was what I wanted to do, but coming into my own as a photographer was far from a linear journey. If I’m honest, my own self-doubt kept me in a state of failure to launch for years. I felt that I could not succeed in doing what I loved, that the 9-5 desk job was the most practical way to make a living. I was petrified of wanting the wrong thing.

Isn't it funny what you can accomplish when you shed your insecurities and aspire.

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simplicity — the ultimate sophistication

from the ground up

In 2019 I spent some time living in Honduras with my family. With only a usually working Canon 30D, a "nifty fifty" lens, and a heart full of inspiration; I fell in love with photojournalism. There is nothing quite like capturing moments as they happen. Having limited gear pushed the boundaries of my creativity and forced me to be unique.

After returning to Australia I obsessively studied, practiced, and invested in photography. In 2021 I left my job as an architectural technician to work for a photography studio and launched my own business.

I no longer fear failure, rather, I welcome it as a growth opportunity.

rome wasn't built in a day

pursuit of perfection

I continue to aspire.

I never want to stop honing my craft. My self-doubt has given way to excitement, passion, and possibility. I cannot wait to discover what more I can experience and create.

the gift of understanding

for the love of people

Photography is the creative medium through which I explore my greatest fascination — the people around me. Their minds, their hearts, their nature and nurture. I want to understand what makes you, you. "Learning you" enables me to capture you in your most authentic state.


freedom based creator

I am an artist. This permeates everything I do. This is the value I provide to my clients and community.

Take the courage to lean into what makes you different.

Jasmine Rose Simmons  xx

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